Silvina’s Bathroom Renovation Tips

Silvina’s Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Tips

* Choose a design style. Consider the look and feel of your home for transparent direction on the most suitable continuity style for your renovation. 

* Selecting your Finishes & Fittings is the exciting part of creating your new bathroom. NCP, have an immense catalogue of bathroom fittings to suit any design style or price range, with inspirational ideas available at their showrooms. 

* Your bathroom’s motif is established by the Tiles. There are so many options to choose from. You can play with different patterns and textures in the bathroom, but importantly you must remember to focus on the balance. You can combine small and larger patterns to add visual interest. Try not to overdo it when mixing patterns as mixing too many patterns will make your bathroom look very uncoordinated and messy. We aim to have a clean and organised look bathroom. 

* Getting the design right for cabinetry is crucial. In small spaces, we often use custom-made cabinetry to ensure that we make optimal use of the spaces. To keep things flowing, a floating vanity (Wall hung) will immediately give that the illusion of spaciousness.

* Mirror cabinets that are recessed inside the wall are a clever space-saving tip. 

* Aim to have your selections done and ordered as early as possible to allow for lead times and shipping delays – you do not want to hold up your tradesman.

* Consider keeping their existing bathroom layout. If clients like the overall layout, I recommend leaving it as is. Rearranging plumbing fixtures that include walls can quickly increase the cost of your bathroom reno. If the existing layout does not work or your original bathroom was poorly designed, your builder or experienced designer can help you make the best use of a small space. And vice versa for a larger bathroom.

* Combining projects will save you money, if you are renovating a bathroom, also consider remodelling your other wet areas at the same time. You will already have the subcontractors in your home, so there are cost efficiencies that come with combining jobs. 

* Bathroom storage should always be considered during the planning process to ensure that it is sufficient for your family’s needs. This can include your vanity, mirrored cabinet, wall shelves and any other storage options that may be necessary for your bathroom, such as niches in the shower enclosure or over a bathtub. A clever way to hide your electric toothbrushes or hairdryers etc is to allow for power points inside cabinetry. 

* Bathroom Lighting is something that a lot of people forget about when designing a new bathroom. But you will instantly recognize bad bathroom lighting when you see it, and it can destroy the look and utility of the space. No matter how good your natural lighting plan is, and you will need an equally good artificial lighting plan. Well-lit spaces will always make a room feel larger. 

* Quality! This is one of the most crucial bathroom design suggestions. Just with any other room in your home, quality remains the priority. This is something that most homeowners can easily forget when working within a budget. Shopping around, especially online, it’s easy to get carried away. Once we see how much cheaper something is, as long as it looks great, that can easily clout our decisions. Buying something just because it looks great is not enough. We must always be studious and research the products before purchasing them. Purchasing something that is low quality will lead you to spend more money in the long run as you would have to replace it more often. 



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