Waterproofing Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a waterproofing specialist in the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas? You’re in the right place. Providing an exceptional quality service, the team at CFS QLD are highly skilled and have over 20 years’ experience in waterproofing.

CFS QLD promise 100% customer satisfaction, completing all projects to the highest level of standards within an efficient time frame, ensuring all of your needs are covered.

What Is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing uses a conventional system that involves creating a seamless barrier around the building structure of your space. The construction and building industry are constantly growing, and so is the technology!

Today’s advanced technology has formed and revealed new polymer-based materials that create high durability. Depending on the job, multiple layers of membrane assist in applying the polymer-based adhesive forming high durability and resilience.

This results in a safeguard to structures from the unwanted water or moisture, preventing passages for water to leak through. Water that leaks into concrete, wood or between building structure can cause:

    • Mould
    • Bacteria
    • Deterioration
    • Property Devaluation

Types of Waterproofing And Sealing

      • Swimming Pool Waterproofing
      • Foundation Waterproofing
      • Bathroom Waterproofing
      • Shower sealing and waterproofing
      • Balcony or Terrace Waterproofing
      • Deck Waterproofing
      • Rooftop Waterproofing
      • Floor waterproofing

Why Is Waterproofing Important?

Have you ever had mould growing into a building structure? Or perhaps you’ve stayed somewhere and noticed this in a place that isn’t your own.

This is because water that leaks into concrete or in between cracks can cause mould and bacteria to grow. CFS QLD understand you need to uphold a clean and safe home to prevent more costly future damage.

Mould growing in a building structure can cause many problems and severe damage including deterioration and property or building devaluation.

Wooden structures are also very easily affected by moisture forming, which adds to the weakening structures eventually leading to infrastructure deterioration and even property devaluation.

CFS QLD Are Here for You!

Notice some leaking or water damage in your bathroom? No need to fear CFS QLD have got you covered! Luckily issues like these are easily prevented and that is why waterproofing is vital. We can strip back what’s damaged, replace the materials and waterproof the area properly.

Finding a company to do the job the correct way can be a tricky ball game. We utilise our extensive experience and best practice knowledge to get the job done right. Along with this, we are up to date with the best materials for the job ensuring our high-quality work is long lasting, leaving you completely stress-free.

Our work incorporates bonding that prevents water traps, protecting the morality of the structure even in high moisture environments.

Are You Ready
to Seal It Up and Waterproof It?

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